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Typed makes it easier than ever to start writing online. Write from anywhere when inspiration strikes, and share your story. Need persuading? It takes less than a minute to create your site - and it’s free for 14 days!

Easy Collaboration

It’s great to collaborate - so whether you’re adding someone to manage a blog with you, or inviting a guest author, you can add them to your Typed sites. Plus, there’s no need for multiple accounts - every site you’re a member of appears in your Dashboard.

Crazy Fast

We’ve built Typed to be insanely fast - everything about the service has been carefully tweaked for speed, from the editor through to the published site. Not only will your site look great, it’ll load almost instantly on every device.

Typed’s Features

Unlimited* Page Views

Unlike other services, we don’t penalise popular blogs that get a spike in traffic.

Use Your Domain Name

If you’ve already chosen the perfect domain name, you can use it for your Typed site.

Beautiful Themes

We’ve created 11 stunning themes, but you can also build your own with our Theme SDK.


Invite friends and co-workers to write and manage blogs, all for one monthly fee.


Keep your blog posts organized with tags - a great way to bring together related content.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your Typed site is automatically made Search Engine friendly - all you need to do is write!

Image Hosting

We’ll host all your images - even if you’re building an image-rich photography site.

Websites Too

Not only is Typed great for blogging - you can create custom pages, or entire lightweight websites!

Scheduled Publishing

Need to publish a post at a specific time? Leave it to Typed - write, schedule and you’re done.

Simple theming

In addition to Typed’s included themes, there’s a powerful Theme SDK that allows you to build, preview and upload custom themes for each of your Typed sites.

Typed uses the Jinja2 templating syntax, and there’s a Preview app for Mac to help you test your theme before uploading it to your Typed sites.

{​% for post in posts %​}
  <h1 class="post-title"><a href="{​{ post.url }​}">{​{ post.title }​}</a></h1>
  <div class="content">
    {​{ post.excerpt }​}
    <p><a href="{​{ post.url }​}" class="read-more">Read more</a></p>
{​% endfor %​}

Get the Mac App

Theme Docs & Sample Themes

Download Requires OS X El Capitan


“Typed is easy to use and isn't ashamed of what it is. A professional easy to use blogging platform.”

Chris French

“Typed is astonishingly elegant. These guys are personable, enthusiastic and they listen to their customers.”

Jim Krenz

“The ease of use and setup propelled me to take my writing to a new level.”

Eric Bowers

“I truly enjoy how streamlined everything is, and the support received along the way is second to none!”

Matt Wilson


Discover how to get the most out of Typed with our frequently updated collection of video tutorials.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time in the Billing area under your account. No up-sells or need to make a phone call. You’re in control.

Why do you require credit card details for the trial?

To ensure your Typed website remains accessible to readers at the end of your trial, we require a credit card to start one.

Will you charge my card during the trial?

You card won't be charged until 15 days after sign-up (i.e. the first day immediately after your trial ends). The date of your first payment will become your regular payment day each month.

Can I switch Plans?

Yes, you can switch plans in the Billing area of your Typed account at any time.

I no longer use the service can I get a refund?

No problem, we provide a no questions asked refund for the current billing period. Just and we'll process the refund within 24 hours.

I have some other questions!

No problem, and we'll get back to you within 24-hours (usually within a few hours). We pride ourselves on outstanding support.

Who's behind Typed?

We’re a small team of designers and developers based in Brighton England with many years’ experience shipping world class apps. In the last decade (technically 12 years) that we’ve been building apps we’ve focused on a small number of areas: one of which is building websites. We’ve built (and continue to develop) the pre-eminent app for the Mac - RapidWeaver - and we’re using this expertise to create the best online writing & publishing service in the world.

With Thanks To…

Typed was funded by 879 backers on Indiegogo and we would like to thank each and every one of you. Special shoutouts go out to our 2 founding partners and 5 founding sponsors.